My conversation with Ted Seides on Capital Allocators

I had a fantastic and far ranging conversation with Ted Seides on Capital Allocators about my path to entrepreneurship and investing, my love of marketplaces and all things FJ Labs.

Their Episode Description:

My guest, on the 4th episode of Venture is Eating the Investment World, is Fabrice Grinda, entrepreneur, angel investor, and founder of FJ Labs, a venture capital firm that backs a diversified portfolio of startups in marketplace businesses. The firm takes a founder-friendly, non-institutional approach, employing heuristics to formulate quick decisions.

Our conversation covers Fabrice’s path as a serial entrepreneur and lessons learned building and investing in marketplaces. We discuss FJ Lab’s unique investment process focused on four investment heuristics and expeditious decision making. We then turn to its position in the venture ecosystem and investable themes in the coming years.

You can listen to the episode in the embedded podcast player:

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